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Wound Infection Testing

Chronic wounds are a challenge to professionals and consume a great deal of healthcare resources. Chronic wounds have a complex pathophysiology and contain polymicrobial infections existing as a cooperative community that is resistant to antibiotic therapies. Healthcare providers have relied on conventional culture methods which fail to provide an accurate diagnosis of the microbial interactions or representation of microorganism within a wound. 


Patients Choice Laboratories advanced DNA analysis allows for absolute identification of microorganisms. The WOUND+ test provides insight into microorganisms contributing to polymicrobial infection, quantification, and resistance gene identification. Our WOUND+ test delivers quick results with pinpoint accuracy using Real-Time PCR technology, leading to more precise treatments and lower costs. 

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Patients Choice Advantage

  • Same day results

  • Accuracy with molecular testing by PCR

  • 23 genetic markers tested

  • Extensive antibiotic resistance panel

  • Partnered with world-class PharmD group for individualized Arkstone Reports

  • Identifies co-infections