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Our Lab

At PCL we are pioneering new ways to provide patient care. By delivering physicians with the most precise testing and industry leading robust reporting, patients and providers now have a real choice for diagnostic services.

We specialize in toxicology and molecular diagnostics that provide precise and specific results allowing for quick diagnoses and treatment of patients. We provide expert testing in the areas of Toxicology, Infectious Disease and Pharmacogenetics.

Forward Thinking

At PCL we are dedicated to staying on the forefront of medical diagnostics and providing the most comprehensive and innovative testing available to ensure the health of our communities now and into the future.


Our mission is to improve people's health by being an advocate for patients and physicians while being on the forefront of diagnostic innovation and technology.


We are committed to delivering physicians and patients with accurate testing results and ongoing research to allow for more precise treatments, quick diagnoses and increased antibiotic stewardship.

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Why Patients Choice?

At Patients Choice Laboratories we pride ourselves in our industry leading support. Our scientists are available for physician support as proper treatments and outcomes are our top priority. We are dedicated to providing an innovative and dependable lab, while providing a simplified process so you can spend more time where it matters the most, with your patients.

Molecular Testing Using

PCR Technology

Toxicology Screening

& Confirmatory Testing 

Antibiotic Resistance &

Treatment Recommendations

In-Network with Major

Commercial Payers

HIPAA Compliant

Online Portal


Patients Choice Laboratories was founded by healthcare providers and professionals with over 60 years of laboratory and healthcare experience. Our Laboratory Director is a licensed pathologist, who is board-certified both with the American Board of BioAnalysis and American Society of Clinical Pathology. Our scientists responsible for performing the testing methodology meet and exceed the levels of education and experience required by COLA and CLIA, to perform high-complexity testing. Our testing methods are supported, verified, and provide high confidence in accuracy. All tests are reviewed and approved prior to release and patient confidentiality is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day.

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Become a Client

Interested in working with PCL? We are dedicated to making every process with PCL seamless. Quickly fill out our new client registration form to begin!

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