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Pharmacogenetics Testing

Patients Choice Laboratories is proud to offer Pharmacogenetics (PGx+) testing to help physicians and patients take better control of treatments. PGx+ testing provided by PCL delivers personalized options that are custom-tailored to each patient's specific needs. These genetic tests have been extensively validated by highly trained scientists in our laboratory under strict conditions that satisfy state and federal clinical laboratory compliance requirements.

Many of the genes on PCL Pharmacogenetics tests play a large role in how the body breaks down medications. Changes in the nucleotide sequences of these genes, called mutations, can have a significant effect on how fast or slow the body metabolizes drugs. Some mutations even cause a complete lack of drug metabolism.

Our PGx+ tests can provide genetic information to help physicians and patients decide the best medication for every patients metabolism. Using this information in deciding your drug regimen can increase first prescription accuracy and improve the effectiveness of the medications while reducing negative side effects.

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Patients Choice Advantage

  • Improves therapeutic outcomes

  • Reduces adverse reactions and side effects

  • Validates medication selection and reduces costs

  • Streamlines initial drug therapies by optimizing choice and dosage

  • Helps patients with multiple chronic conditions manage drug regimen

  • Provides a genetic profile for a lifetime


Unlock the power of genes with Pharmacogenetics

Studies have shown a PGx test can:

Improve Clinical Outcomes

PGx-guided treatments have been shown to optimize clinical outcomes in behavioral health, oncology, and pain.

Save On Health Care Costs

A study showed an average annual savings of $3,962 due to PGx-guided treatment.

Reduce Adverse Reactions

100,000 deaths are caused by adverse drug reactions each year.

Reduce Trial-and-Error

67% of people dealing with depression don't find relief until the 4th medication.

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