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Grow Revenue and Improve Outcomes

Our PCL team can assist your hospital in creating a customized laboratory outreach program that can provide a simplified lab network, increase test volume, and reduce per-unit costs resulting in profitability growth and better patient care. 

Revenue and Profitability Growth

Utilizing an outreach program allows a hospital the opportunity to extend its brand further into the community and be an effective platform for physician integration and obtaining affiliated and non affiliated physician business.

Shift costs of instrumentationlogistics, staffing, low-volume tests, and non-stat work out of the hospital and into the responsibility of a lab partner. Eliminating these future capital expenses allows a facility to free up physical space and provide another in-need services to drive revenue and patient care.

Simplifying your lab network to a comprehensive laboratory will quickly realize improvements in quality, consistency, physician satisfaction and business continuity. 


Improve Outcomes

Outreach programs play a key role for hospitals in supporting the progress of care through community physicians, and help drive down the cost per episode of care. Pairing all this data with the transitional team can reduce readmission rates. 

Other benefits of decreased turnaround times ensure patients are being treated quicker and more accurately with specific lab results that shape treatment plans.

Increase your access to esoteric tests that provide improved care without the additional capital expense for your facility.

Reduce Readmissions

PGx-guided treatments have been shown decrease readmission rates by 52%.

Profitability Center

An average outreach program can generate about $12 million net revenue annually and demonstrate profitability in excess of 30%.


Patient Savings

PGx-guided decisions have been shown to save $4,382 per patient in just 60 days.

Reduce Trial-and-Error

67% of people dealing with depression don't find relief until the 4th medication.

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