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Current Turnaround: Same-Day

COVID-19 Testing


Patients Choice Laboratories (PCL) tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 for the diagnosis of COVID-19 using nasopharyngeal swabs and saliva as recommended by CDC. Both collection methods are run using RT-PCR for the most accurate and quick results. Results are reported within 24-hours of sample delivery due to our commitment to help mitigate transmission and exposure.

Our Testing Technology 

PCL molecular diagnostics and RT-PCR technology can provide rapid and specific pathogen identification with high sensitivity and specificity. Our scientists are leading the way in using PCR technology to identify SARS-CoV-2 and variants by offering two collection methods, each with nearly perfect accuracy.

Sensitivity: >99%
Specificity: >99%

Sensitivity: >98%
Specificity: >97%

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Patients Choice Advantage

  • Results in 12-24 hours

  • Reliable PCR test

  • Competitive rates 

  • Both nasal swab and saliva are accepted

  • Testing performed 24 hours a day

  • Known variants are tested


COVID-19 Variant Testing


COVID-19 variants are now being considered by the CDC as a serious concern. With multiple variants already established and with the concern of other variants on the horizon, Patients Choice Laboratories is ready to assist with same day results.


SARS-CoV-2 Variants Tested at PCL

The PCL team has validated a new industry-leading method for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 variants with the goal of finding alternative methods to identify variants. This alternative process can assist in the surveillance, pandemic control, and prevention of SARS-CoV-2.¹

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  • Highest sensitivity and specificity

  • Can identify variants

  • Detects virus sooner preventing transmission and quicker treatment

  • Multiple collection methods

  • Results still within 24-hours


  • Less accurate

  • Serial testing must be done every 3-days to meet the same sensitivity of PCR, but only during peak infectious period. 

  • Nasal collection method only

  • Cannot identify variants

Why choose PCR over Antigen?

In a recent study, RT-PCR tests are more effective than antigen tests at identifying infected individuals prior to or early during the infectious period, thus minimizing forward transmission. Both RT-PCR and antigen tests peaked in sensitivity during the period in which the live virus was detected in nasal swabs, but the sensitivity of PCR tests rose more rapidly prior to this period. This same study found that PCR is better at 
preventing forward transmission and finding positive cases sooner in the virus’ life cycle.²

Compared with RT-PCR testing, antigen testing has a sensitivity of 80.0% and specificity of 98.9% among symptomatic persons; accuracy was lower (sensitivity 41.2% and specificity 98.4%) when used for screening of asymptomatic persons.³

Testing Solution For Every Situation

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