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Utilizing industry-leading molecular technology, we provide accurate and specific results within 24-hours. Molecular diagnostics provides advanced technology improving the way infections are diagnosed and treated by identifying microbes by their DNA. This allows faster, more accurate results allowing physicians to act sooner and with more precision than ever before. PCL can also detect antibiotic-resistance genes so that targeted therapy can be implemented with custom treatment recommendations to improve antimicrobial stewardship and patient outcomes. Traditional culture is still available as an added convenience for our clients. 


Molecular with Real-Time PCR

Culture (Microbiology) 

Turnaround Time

  • 24-hours for molecular

  • 48-72 for culture

Treatment Recommendations

Molecular testing allows us to utilize state-of-the art technology to improve antimicrobial stewardship and patient outcomes. Antibiotic resistant genes are detected and ran through advanced AI to suggest custom treatment recommendations.

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Patients Choice Laboratories is proud to offer the following infectious disease tests.

STI panels are validated to run samples for men and women for a variety of tests.

UTI+ test can provide results within hours and detect antibiotic resistance genes.

WOUND+ tests for microorganisms contributing to infection, quantification, and resistance gene identification. 

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