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Patients Choice Laboratories Acquires Infinity Laboratories To Better Serve the Southern U.S.

October 18, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Patients Choice Laboratories (PCL), a leading provider of comprehensive laboratory testing throughout the U.S., announced today that it has acquired Infinity Laboratories, LLC located in Bridgeport, TX. Infinity Laboratories is an infectious disease laboratory specializing in molecular diagnostics serving the population of north Texas. The acquisition will provide PCL a location in the southern United States to bring their complete suite of testing services to the area for providers and patients.

PCL specializes in infectious disease, pharmacogenetics, blood work and toxicology. Utilizing industry-leading molecular diagnostics, PCL provides precise and specific results allowing for quick diagnoses and treatment of patients within 24-hours.

"Having already performed laboratory services for Texans for many years, we are looking forward to teaming up with the Texas healthcare community as a local laboratory,” said Brad Moss, President of PCL. “We have a proud history of assisting providers in accelerating their decision-making process for treatment, providing the fastest turnaround times in the lab industry, and working with some of the leading health systems and providers in the nation. Our plan is to introduce our complete suite of services to area providers so that they can work with one laboratory to service all their diagnostics needs.”

Using innovative molecular diagnostics, PCL provides custom treatment recommendations based on antibiotic-resistant genes found in infections. These recommendations improve antimicrobial stewardship, patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

Additionally, with their Pharmacogenetics testing, PCL plans to place focus on increased treatment success and lowering cash spending for patients. According to data from Kaiser Family Foundation, Texas has the highest level of cash spending on retail prescription drugs with an annual state total of over $900 million. “Texas is committed to ensuring patients have access to medications, and research has shown our genetic testing can help treatment success and lower cash spending by ensuring patients are on the correct medication and dosage. This test will serve as a platform for patients and providers to optimize medication management,” said Moss.

Patients Choice Laboratories plans to begin running tests out of their newly acquired Bridgeport, Texas location in the coming weeks.



About Patients Choice Laboratories

Patients Choice Laboratories (PCL), a CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading provider of comprehensive laboratory testing throughout the United States. Since 2013 PCL has served patients and providers with a focus on fast, accurate, and reliable results. Utilizing innovative molecular technology, PCL provides specific results allowing for quick diagnoses and treatment of patients. PCL can provide treatment recommendations based on antibiotic-resistant genes to improve antimicrobial stewardship and patient outcomes.

PCL is at the forefront of infectious diseases, pharmacogenetics, and toxicology to ensure the health of our communities now and into the future. Learn more about how we are pioneering new ways to provide patient care on our website:


Patients Choice Laboratories

7026 Corporate Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278


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