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How A Patient's Genetic Profile Can Guide Treatment - Pharmacogenetics Testing

Pharmacogenetics at Patients Choice Laboratories

Helping you and your physician take better control of your treatment.

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is a test that involves looking at your unique genetic makeup to understand how your body responds to certain medications. The test looks at specific genes that play a role in how medications are metabolized throughout your unique body.

The perfect medication for one person may not be the solution for you, even if being treated for the same condition. Due to a person’s genetic makeup, some people aren’t able to break down medications fast enough. The medication can then build up in the body causing severe side effects. By contrast, some people break down medications too quickly before the body can process them, creating the need for a higher dosage. Identifying your genetic profile with a PGx test can find these genetic variations so your physician can make more informed decisions when it comes to your medications and dosage.

Understanding what is unique about your genetic makeup and how your body metabolizes certain medications, will allow you and your physician to make informed decisions. These decisions will likely create an increase in treatment success, minimize the risk of dangerous side effects, and lower your health care costs.


Medication Monitoring, because every patient is unique.

Patient's Choice Laboratories offers industry-leading PGx testing that encompasses 200 of the most common medications looking at how 45 genes and 120 Single Nucleic Polymorphism metabolizes them. Besides understanding how a patient's body responds to common mediations, which is life-enhancing alone, there are a number of other important benefits as well:

Pharmacogenetics at Patients Choice Laboratories

  • PGx testing helps patients with chronic conditions manage their drug regimen.

  • Validates medication selection and improves therapeutic outcomes.

  • Reduces health care costs.

  • Streamlines initial drug therapies by optimizing choice and dosage, based on your unique genetics.

  • Reduces Adverse Drug Reactions and side effects.

  • Provides a genetic profile for a lifetime requiring the test only to be done once.

The PGx Testing Process

The test is administered using a simple and non-invasive cheek swab.

Your DNA sample is sent to Patients Choice Laboratories where we analyze your sample and prepare your results for you and your physician to review.

Based on the results your physician will make treatment decisions tailored to your unique genetic makeup.

Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance plans are accepted. Patients Choice Laboratories has a Patient Financial Assistance Program if any balance due remains.




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