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Patient Financial 

Assistance Programs

The patient’s insurance policy is a contract between the patient and his or her insurance company. That said, all charges are the patient’s responsibility regardless of insurance coverage and the patient is ultimately responsible for any unpaid balances. As a courtesy to our patients, Patients Choice Laboratories (PCL) submits claims to the patient’s’ primary and secondary (if necessary) health plans and makes every effort to ensure that claims are processed.

PCL accepts cash, checks, money orders, debit cards and credit cards. If a patient can’t pay a balance within 30 days, the patient should contact the billing department at 833-569-0440. There are several ways you can pay your bill, including possible payment plans and a representative will help find the right one for your financial needs. PCL will also work with you to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance.

PCL Due Balances
Payment Plans
Waiver of Co-Pays and Deductibles
Patient Assistance Program
Applying for Financial Assistance
COVID-19 Price Transparency
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